World’s First Wearable to Analyze Step Quality

Attaching to your ankle, EVOLVE MVMT analyzes your shock absorption at heel strike. Providing live feedback of step quality (not just quantity). Optimize your walking technique and unlock unprecedented health benefits:

  • Burn more calories.
  • Decrease joint impact.
  • Find the best shoes for your walking technique.
  • Determine when your shoes need upgrading.

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Burn Up to 36% More Calories per Session

EVOLVE MVMT enables you to burn up to 36% more calories per walk* by increasing the activity in your largest muscles groups, increasing your muscle activity burns more energy per step, significantly improving on your normal walking pattern.

*Cleveland Clinic research conducted in 2023.

Decrease Joint Impact by 50% per Step

Decreasing your joint impact by 50% each step#, is achieved by your muscles working more efficiently in their role as a reverse spring, which is absorbing forces in the muscles - not in the joints - and this may increase your joint longevity by up to twice their lifetime.

# La Trobe University (Australia) gait lab data conducted in 2024.

All joints experience osteoarthritis to some degree as we get older. Decreasing the negative forces that go through your joints will preserve your knees and hips for longer to avoid joint replacement.

Know When Your Shoes Are Ready For The Trash

Currently, it is not possible to know when your shoes have lost their performance. We have all been guessing....until now! By analysing shock absorption with EVOLVE MVMT you can accurately determine when your shoes need upgrading. So you’ll always be preserving your body!

Understand Which Shoes Are Best For You

Walking, like any skill can be improved! Stimulating your nervous system and muscular system to be more active each step, increases your muscle activity each your step, burns more energy and absorbs more force to protect your joints.

Get An Exclusive Discount

We're Launching Soon. Get an exclusive discount by signing up now!